Tuesday, February 25, 2020

CattailCreekSaddlery - Hand Tooled Custom Leather

Robert is creating with leather in La Center, Texas.  He has been practicing this art for a long time and you can see more of pieces he has available in his Etsy shop here:  CattailCreekSaddlery
I was hoping to find him on Instagram as well, I think people would love to see his works in progress, wouldn't you?

This post can also be found on the Leather page above.


  1. Thanks for show casing my product and shop. I am a one man business in La Center Washington designing and creating leather goods in the traditions and quality of the old Saddle Makers.

    1. You are welcome! It is a joy to find quality work like yours.

    2. Bobby, are you the one who makes the Rockn R Field Chest holster and if so could you email me at benny1012@yahoo.com to discuss getting one. Thanks