Sunday, December 15, 2019

Stinnett Studio

Mike Stinnett is an artist in Canyon City, Oregon.  What can I say?  His work must be defined as "fine art."  The kind of art one really needs to experience in person.  I hope you will visit his Etsy shop to find a piece to enrich your home or office:  StinnettStudio
And oh yeah, he carves awesome walking sticks!
You can find out much more about him here on WordPress:
Or here on FineArtAmerica:
And YouTube:  StinnettStickStudio
Plus, you can follow him on Instagram:
And Facebook:

This post can also be found on the Canvas page above.


  1. Thank you so much ArtiansofAmerica! It's very kind of you to feature my artwork.
    Mike Stinnett

  2. You are very welcome Mike, in the future I will post your awesome walking sticks to the Wood page!