Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Perfect45Degree - Custom Fine Woodworking by Jacquelyn Smith

Jacquelyn Smith is a master at working with wood in Portland, Oregon.  Her store has so many beautiful pieces to show you, including some really awesome boxes (I love beautiful wood boxes!), but I chose one of these inovative "wallets" to show you because they are so unique.  I hope you visit her store and pick something out for yourself or a friend by using this link: Perfect45Degree

This post can also be found on the Wood page above.


  1. This is a Redwood wallet with Bloodwood trim. Check out my store to see the varieties I currently make. I am excited to be making a double deck playing card case this week!

  2. Catherine, Thank you for creating this blog to help get the word out about people making art! We need all the help we can get. I appreciate each and every client, each sale and every bit of help!
    Happy holidays,

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