Tuesday, January 31, 2017

UnderTheSunSeeds - Beautiful Annuals,Perennials,Fruits,Vegetables & More!!

Tim Staggs carefully cultivates and harvests seeds for you in Ocean Park, Washington.  Cultivating plants to collect their seeds to maintain a variety or develop new ones, is a skill that goes back way before written history.  The fact that carrots started out in a rainbow of colors is something many people do not know!  But you can get them, as well as many others, from Tim by using this link:  UnderTheSunSeeds

Monday, January 30, 2017

The Dusty Raven Gallery - Giving unexpected new life to discarded and forgotten

Dan Towell gives new life to all kinds of materials and turns them into fascinating and delightful sculptures in Hamilton, Montana.  I have been a fan of his facebook page for some time now and love to see what new mixed media sculpture he has created!  You can see more by using this link to his Etsy store:  thedustyraven
Or by going to his website here:  thedustyraven.com
I am a bird watcher and this rare bird below has a name.  Visit Dan to find out what it is!

DeschutesIronForge - Hand Forged Ironwork

Jeff Leonard works metal in Redmond, Oregon.  In his Central Oregon blacksmith shop, Deschutes Iron Forge, he creates ironwork from gates to railings, iron décor and BBQ Turners.  Support hand crafted work from artisans and use this link to visit his store:  DeschutesIronForge

Sunday, January 29, 2017

SuellensCreations - Suellen's Creations, LLC

Suellen uses an interesting technique for her jewerly designs in Globe, Arizona.  She specializes in bead crochet and woven designs.  I crochet lace, and I have crocheted beads into my lace, so I know this is not an easy skill to be using to make her lovely jewelry.  I hope you use this link to see what she has created:  SuellensCreations

TheChickenStudio - Hand Painted Art & Signs on Reclaimed Wood

Brenda designs her rustic and cool signs in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  Add some charm to your home, patio, or yard with one of her reclaimed wood signs.  I would love to have some goats someday, so I chose this sign to show you. To see more, use this link:  TheChickenStudio

BarbaraRosenzweig - Modern Wall Art Watercolor Beach Nursery Sports Prints

Barbara Rosenzweig paints beautiful watercolors in her Philadelphia, Pennsylvania studio.  This wonderful Pelican is just one example of what you will find when you visit her via this link:

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Lavender Green - Lavender gifts from the garden

Ginna Gemmell grows wonderful aromatic lavender in Knox, Pennsylvania.  Dried lavender can last for many years bestowing it's wonderful qualities.  It has far too many uses to be described here, but you can learn a great deal more about it and purchase items using lavender by clicking on this link to her website: lavendergreen.com

CandidNomad - Candid Nomad Custom Glass Etching and Homemade Goods

Robin Daily etches beautiful designs on glass for you in Thomasville, Georgia.  She features personalized and custom glass etching.  I hope this sample with an awesome sea turtle inspires you to use this link to see more:

PersimonDreams - Quilt Patterns, Heirloom Quilts, Ornaments, Fiber Art

Kim Lapacek is a fiber art diva in Madison, Wisconsin.  Although todays artists use brand new materials, quilting is the original up-cycling/recycling of arts.  It comes from a long tradition of not wasting even the smallest little piece of woven cloth left from clothing and sewing those bits into colorful and creative patterns which often told the story of a family's members over time.  I hope you will visit her store to see what else she has created.  Here is a link:  PersimonDreams

Friday, January 27, 2017

NSPottery - functional stoneware pottery & jewelry

Natalie is a ceramic artist in North Canton, Ohio.  I enjoy her use of real leaves to create surface texture on her pieces.  Like a photo that will never fade, or the imprint one sees in fossils.  A lasting record of a real leaf.  These are actually magnets!  She also has lovely ceramic garden tags, as well as many other items.  Please use this link to see more: NSPottery

Thursday, January 26, 2017

PortlandLeather - Portland Leather Goods -- Handmade in Oregon

Caitlyn, Anna & Zoe design and create their leather goods in Portland, Oregon.  This passport cover has one of my favorite quotes on it!  Buy your loved one a Valentines Day gift that will last a lifetime. You can see more by using this link:

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

KGpapers - Hand made paper

Kathy Gurwell hand makes her beautiful paper in Houston, Texas.  She has written about her process and background for you in her About page of her Etsy store.  I hope you use this link to read about her and purchase some of her lovely paper or these awesome envelopes:  KGpapers

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

West Coast Storms

Due to the flooding, road closures, and power outages out here on the central coast of California, my posts have slowed way down the last few days.  Plus, it is the first week of a new college semester and I am in two classes.  Tack on three jobs and the schedule gets mighty tight.
As soon as I can, I will be making at least two to three posts per day again!

Here is one of my sunset shots of the Elkhorn Slough Reserve from previous years, that road is closed right now.

Monday, January 23, 2017

BloomAgainMetalArt - Metal flowers - rustic folk yard art & wall hangings

Richard Arfsten uses his imagination to create in Burlington, Wisconsin.  He has created quite an unusual garden of metal flowers for you.  Aren't these cool! See more by using this link to his Etsy store:  BloomAgainMetalArt
Or by going to his website here:  richardarfsten.artspan.com

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Clairmont Lavender Farm - Our farm is entirely organic.

Meryl Ann Tanz and Sean Everett Crowder grow organic lavender in Santa Barbars, California.  The farm is open to the public, has a gift shop full of lavender items, and picnic areas which are so beautiful when the lavender is in bloom that artists come to paint the surrounding fields.  They have a nice selection of lavender products you can purchase from their website.  Here is a link to it:

Saturday, January 21, 2017

AToymakersDaughter - High Quality, Handcrafted Toys and Wooden Play Kitchens

Julianna Smalley is carrying on a family tradition which goes back generations in Wytopitlock, Maine.  She brings you the highest quality natural wooden toys available anywhere on the market.
Everything they make is 100% natural, crafted from locally milled pine and hardwood, right there in the beautiful state of Maine.  And WOW, I would have absolutely loved to have had a fine kitchen set like this when I was a child!  I have always been in love with wood and with cooking.
Take a look at the other cool items they have made by using this link:

Mountainlilyfarm - Herb Seed Kits Heirloom Seeds and Plants

Jackie Jasper carefully harvests and packages her seeds in Winslow, Arkansas.  Her store is kicking off a new page here on ArtisansOfAmerica for the Botanical Arts!  Purchasing seeds and bulbs via the mail is a tradition that goes back centuries.  And of course I have chosen her Lavender kit to show you first.  She has an Etsy store where you will find many more seed kits and her own website as well.  Time to start planning your garden, dream of spring blossoms and summer fruits!
Here is a link to her Etsy store: mountainlilyfarm
And here is a link to her website:  mountainlilyfarm.com

Friday, January 20, 2017

WinterwoodsTeaCo - organic • handcrafted • loose leaf tea

Tirza Wibel carefully blends her teas in Spokane, Washington.  And gives them delightful names.  Brew yourself a wonderful hot cup of tea and relax.  Of course, she has a lavender blend, but I chose this one to show you. She is passionate about creating delicious gourmet teas using only the finest organic and fair trade ingredients. And they begin by sourcing their ingredients from high quality small, local farms and distributors, many of them from within the Northwest.
Please use this link to see more:  WinterwoodsTeaCo

ThresholdPaperArt - Handmade Paper Transformed into Art

June Corst hand makes her paper and her art in North Vancouver, Canada.  I chose this beautiful bowl to show you, but you can see all of the other items she makes, such as note cards from her handmade paper, but using this link:

Thursday, January 19, 2017

EwelinaPas - Gemstone Jewelry: Edgy, Chic, & Bohemian

Ewelina Pas creates her designs in Roselle Park, New Jersey.  I chose her store for this post because I love carved stone and these labradorite carved wolves are awesome.  She has them in a variety of stones including tiger's eye.  She works with genuine gemstones. Each stone is unique because it is natural. No two stones will ever be the same, so you can be sure that no two pieces of jewelry will ever be identical.  Use this link to see all of the other pieces she has designed: EwelinaPas

ThreeTreesBindery - Handmade wedding guest books, photo albums & wood books

Michelle Skiba constructs her handmade books in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Her beautiful books combine three of my favorite things.  Beautiful wood, quality paper, and books!  It would be an honor to fill one with drawings or a story.  I hope you visit her store and pick one out for your special event, by using this link:  ThreeTreesBindery

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

TriangularRainbows - Triangle Rainbow & Chakra Stained Glass Candle Holders

Indigo Flame of Baltimore, Maryland works in stained glass.  And they quote "It was the Rainbow gave thee birth, And left thee all her lovely hues." Plus!
Use Coupon Code ADOPTDONTSHOPPets to receive Free Shipping on your order over $30.
You can read all about them and their process by using this link to their store:  TriangularRainbows

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

TheHoneyJarHome - Absolutely Raw Honey

In 2005 Kyle Kanno started his honey business right out of high school in Honeyville, Utah.  There is something magical about honey sticks.  And his come in varieties delicious varieties!  Like peach, watermelon, lemon, even blackberry.  Portable honey!  Please use this link to visit his store:

Monday, January 16, 2017

The English Lavender Farm - In The Applegate Valley Of Southern Oregon

The English Lavender Farm, run by Sue and Derek Owen, was opened to the public for the first time in the summer of 2014.  They distill their own naturally grown lavender oil and use it to create lavender candles, lotions, bath salts and other wonderful fragranced products.  Their website provides a lot of information about the uses of lavender, including a section of lavender recipes!  I hope you take the time to find out more by using this link to visit them:  englishlavenderfarm.com

I am sure they would have chosen a different photo to place here, but I just love this one!  They have classes where you get to pick fresh lavender and learn how to make items such as these wreaths. 😄

GlamorousFindings - House numbers, address signs, garden art

Nichole and Ryan hone their metal working skills in Lake Stevens, Washington.  Any home would shine with house numbers like these. Yes, I love this chicken!
Use this link to see more:  GlamorousFindings

If you use the promotional code ARTISAN10, you will receive 10% off of your order!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

HopeFloatsUpcycled - Glorious Upcycled clothing

Hope makes glorious upcycled garments in Seattle, Washington.  Her coats makes me very happy.  In reality, this re-use of clothing has a long, long history.  Quilts and rugs were once made from every little bit of cloth left from used clothing.  And would often tell a story about a family.  These are some cool garments indeed.  Check out more by using this link:  HopeFloatsUpcycled

And I LOVE the name of her store!

dgordon - Hand built, Handmade Pottery with an organic look

Deborah Gordon hand makes her pottery in Boynton Beach, Florida.  I love all of the fabulous textures she has worked into the surfaces of her pieces. You can use this link here to see what a wide range of items she has made:  dgordon

BurrowingHome - Natural History Inspired Art and Accessories

Kelly Mitchell Gazdowicz is an artist in Detroit, Michigan who specializes in illustrating elements of natural history in beautiful detail.  She also has temporary tattoo's available for you, created from her art!  I need to try one of them.  Take a look here:  BurrowingHome

Saturday, January 14, 2017

SeldaOkutan - Selda Okutan Jewelry Design Studio & Gallery

Selda Okutan designs and creates truly unique one of a kind items of jewelry in Miami, Florida.  Each piece tells it's own fascinating story.  This one is just the tip of the iceberg.  Take a moment to see her other creations:  SeldaOkutan

RSVPhandcrafted - Recognizable Style Vast Possibilities

Daniel Foytik hand makes his fine leather goods in Charlottesville, Virginia.  There are so many useful items one can make with leather and he has a great variety for you to choose from.  As well as numerous good reviews from happy customers!  Check him out here:RSVPhandcrafted

VulcanixArt - "FROM ARC TO ART"

Brendon Mcdaniel practices his metal work trade in Bend, Oregon.  Isn't this a cool scene of wild horses running?  He also has a variety of dog breeds and other fine pieces to show you here:  VulcanixArt

Friday, January 13, 2017

ColoradoChickCo - Leather baby moccasin, boot sock, leg warmers, headband

Kathleen is the ColordaoChick in Breckenridge, Colorado.  Besides delightful little handmade baby moccasins, she also crochets and embellishes cool boot cuffs.  Makes me wish I had a pair of boots!  But I do know a few babies whose feet would be all comfy in a pair of these moccasins.  You can see them all here on Etsy:  ColoradoChickCo  or here:  coloradochick.com/

EmergentGlassworks - All manner of beautiful handmade glass items

Trevor Sinnock is based in Oregon creates beautiful items with glass.  Each one is single handedly made with pride and precision.  His glass octipuses are amazing!  I hope you are curious enough to go see more here:  EmergentGlassworks

Stitchcrafts - Cross Stitch Cupboard Tucks, Cards, Felted Acorns

Pam is in Warrenton, Missouri and uses a variety of materials to create her items.  I really like her felted acorns, but chose one of her cross stitched pieces because I do really love cross stitch.  It is one of those arts I hope more people will become interested in learning.  Take a moment and see what else she has made here:  Stitchcrafts

Thursday, January 12, 2017

LittleBits - LBCC Historical - Naturally Organic Products

Alicia Shult in Beaver Dam Wisconsin is carrying on an historical tradition with her products.  They are dedicated to keeping history alive & specialize in reproducing exact historical cosmetic & apothecary recipes.  This one includes lavender.  I love the historical labels they use as well!

LarkspurHill - Dried Flowers Wedding Confetti Decorations Gifts

Cindy C. grows beautiful flowers in Palm Springs, California and then dries the petals for her wide assortments of blends.  The blend shown here has lavender in it!  This brings back such fond memories.  One of my cherished possessions is an old book full of the flowers my grandmother pressed into it.  I hope you will visit this store!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

ClayByNaturePottery - Functional Art For the Home and Heart

Deborah Hager puts her imagination onto clay in Divide, Colorado.  I enjoy surface decoration and admire many of her pieces, like this awesome cup.  You will see much more here:

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

VinTin - What was once a hobby and passion, is now a career

Danny of Inwood, West Virginia, has been welding and fabricating for almost 20 years.  VinTin is a blacksmith shop based out of the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.  And he has created a wide range of items for you to choose from, like this awesome sign, on Etsy:  VinTin
Or on his own website:  vintinwelding.com

Hood River Lavender - Producers of pure essential oil of lavender

Dianne and Joe Orcutt grow their lavender to produce their pure essential oil in Hood River, Oregon.  Pure lavender oil has so many uses, check out their website to learn more.

TheKnottyNeedle - Crochet baskets, coffee sleeves, candle and jar covers

Denise in Wexford, Pennsylvania hand crochets a multitude of items for your home.  Got hot coffee?  Protect your hand with a coffee sleeve for that cup!  Put a colorful basket on the table or a handmade top for that homemade jar of goodies.

Monday, January 9, 2017

elisemahanfineart - Paintings and Art Prints

Elise Mahan creates her art in Portland, Oregon.  I love the illustrative quality of her art, each one has it's own story to tell.  We are in the middle of winter right now, and this one says "brisk clear winter night" to me.  You can see much more on her Etsy store:
Or her own website:  elisemahanvisualart.com

Sunday, January 8, 2017

BenchmarkSignsGifts - Wooden carved signs for all occasions!

Sam & Kristy Lardomita of Northfield Center, Ohio handcraft a multitude of quality carved wood signs.  They welcome custom requests, so I am thinking I need to have them make a sign for me!
You can visit them on Etsy:
Or you can go to their website:

Harmony Lavender - All Natural Lavender Farm

Jim and Claudia Estrada grow their lavender in Atascadero, California.  They say, "Here at our Naturally Grown Farm on the beautiful Central Coast of California, we believe that to live a healthy, natural life begins with your connection to nature and the earth; spiritually, physically, harmoniously and so it is."  I hope you try a few of their items:  HarmonyLavender

RossLab - Colorful and Contemporary Handmade Ceramics

Rosella Manzini throws her ceramics in San Jose, California.  I love her candle holders or luminaries!  And I am certain her assistant Cesare, much like similar (wink, wink) ceramic studio assistants, is vital to the process.  To see all of the more colorful pieces she has created for you, please visit:

Saturday, January 7, 2017

BROOMCHICK - Brooms & Besoms: Weddings, Magical Ceremony & Cleaning

Samantha Pritchard and her family hand craft fine brooms the old fashioned way using authentic equipment and materials, in Eugene, Oregon.  I have admired her whisk brooms for a long time!  They are so well made.  Take a look,  read about their process, and get a quality handmade broom for your home:  BROOMCHICK

MikesHeirloomBoxes - Mike's Heirloom Boxes

Mike True makes these awesome wooden heirloom boxes in Boulder Creek, California.  Considering the area, I would imagine he is able to carefully choose among a wide variety of local wood sources.  I know from a little experience, the workmanship that goes into a beautiful box like this one.  I hope you will visit his store to see more:  MikesHeirloomBoxes

DoTDoCandy - ++Essential Oil Hard Candy++

Bridget Miller whips up these gems in San Tan Valley, Arizona.  Everyone needs a little hard candy, right? And of course, I have a fondness for lavender.  Did you know you could use lavender to make candy?  It is heavenly.  Check out her other flavors here:  DoTDoCandy