Saturday, December 31, 2016

TheStickyWrapper - Gourmet Hand Crafted Natural Caramels

Sara Kamla whips of these heavenly delights in Seattle, Washington.  Of course I have selected the lavender ones to show you here, but believe me, she has many more flavors for you to choose from.  What a way to start the New Year!  Treat yourself to the anticipation of these arriving in the mail!

One of the benefits of purchasing items from a store listed on sites like Etsy or EBay, is being able to see how well a store is run by the amount of sales they have already had and the feedback their happy customers have left!

GreenStreetMosaics - Custom Mosaic Mirrors, House Number Signs, Mosaic Art

Lauren Constantino designs her one of kind pieces in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Wouldn't your home be styling with a handmade mosaic house number sign?  I love her mosaic mirrors and frames, so that it was I chose to feature here.  To see the house number signs, please visit here:  GreenStreetMosaics

HalfBakedArt - Abstract Resin Art, Original Paintings, Prints and More

Jane Biven applies her art to a variety of mediums in Roswell, Georgia.  We all need a few pillows in our lives, how about a few original ones?  She has lots more for you to see here:
And you can see her cool mixed media paintings here on her own website:

CattailsWoodwork - Wood rolling pins, kitchenwares, rustic home decor

Brenda Watts in Hermitage, Canada creates fine things for your home out of gorgeous varieties of wood.  This one photo does not do justice to the range of items she makes.  Please take a look via this link and follow her store, pin her items to your Pinterest boards, share them on Facebook and Tweet!  You name it, what ever means you prefer, just please tell a friend about CattailsWoodwork:


HopeHavenLavender - Lavender and Alpaca Products

Shelia Borden  and her family grow lavender and raise Alpaca in Aumsville, Oregon.  They produce a variety of products, including this wonderful lavender infused chocolate sauce!  To see it all, visit them here:


VerbenaPlaceJewelry - Handmade Artisan Argentium Silver & Fine Gold Jewelry

David and Helen Worcester always amaze me with the stunning jewelry they create in Fallbrook, California.  For more fine handmade artisan jewelry like this one, and Valentine's Day is coming up, please visit their store here:

SolidLeatherCo - Handmade Leather Goods Built to Last

Timothy James works his fine leathers into cool goods in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  A fine leather satchel or briefcase like this one can last for many, many years.  Check out his others at:

westernartglass - Original Stained Glass & Reclaimed Bottle Glass Designs

Brian Western works his beautiful designs into glass in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Can you imagine these leaves twirling in a breeze?  See more lovely items like this one:

Friday, December 30, 2016

FigJamStudio - Found object art, sculpture, art furniture, paintings

Kerry Heath of Coldwater, Michigan is my first entry for a new page category of Mixed Media!  I just love this guys imagination!  He is perfect for a Friday night post on the last week of the year 2016 with a new year starting this week-end.  For some more of this man's creations, please use the link to visit his store and start his new year out with a blast of appreciation:  FigJamStudio

I just had to add a second one here!

HappyDollsByLesya - Handmade cloth dolls, stuffed toys & decorations

Lesya designs and constructs these wonderful fabric dolls in Katy, Texas.  Once again, I found myself having a hard time choosing which piece in an artisans store to feature.  Each one of her dolls is unique.  Truly OOAK One of a kind.  I hope you visit her here to see more: HappyDollsByLesya

blueroompottery - Yarn Bowls Wheel Thrown Pottery Home Decor Housewares

Marietta is a talented ceramicist carrying on a family tradition in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  She has written about herself and her process for her store on Etsy.  I have tried to make yarn bowls like this one as my inspiration and mine didn't look anywhere near as beautiful.  It is not easy to cut and form that loop along the edge while the clay is still soft enough to allow it.
She has a great variety of wheel thrown ceramics for you to choose from here: blueroompottery
Or here on her own website:

LavenderAppleFarm - The Lavender Apple

C Nelson grows lavender in Millville, Utah to use in their wonderful lavender products.  Lavender has so many helpful uses.  One of which is to calm oneself and make it easier to fall asleep.  Most people do not know that it is also a wonderful herb to use in cooking both sweet and savory dishes.  I hope you use this link to visit the Lavender Apple Farm:


Thursday, December 29, 2016

CalicoFieldsLavender - A Lavender Farm on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

Christa Falstad grows her lavender on the eastern shore of Millington, Maryland.  I imagine her lavenders attracts as many happy bees as mine does!  To see more of what she makes with the lavender she harvests, please use this link:  CalicoFieldsLavender for
Or go to their website:

bstudio - Silk ribbon embroidery jewelry, sachets, cards, pillows

Bren works wonders with silk ribbon in Kitchener, Canada.  I would so love to learn how she does this!
It was hard to choose which one to feature here.  Please use this link to see what I had to choose from!


SusanWindsor - Original watercolors, fine art prints, and greeting cards

Susan Windsor cultivates her skills in Lewisville, Texas to produce the fine items such as these delightful giraffes.  You will find much more here:  SusanWindsor

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Sidereal - Unique Hand Embroidered Jewelry and Home Decor

Lynn in Camano, Washington, had created a unique style of jewelry this secret embroidery floss hoarder really likes!  In my book, one can't ever have too many colors on hand.  I love these embroidered bracelets.  She has designed quite a few for you to see here:

RhythmicMetal - High quality artisan accessories handmade in Portland.

Trent Stocking fashions his quality handmade accessories of metal in Portland, Oregon.  Isn't this belt buckle cool!!  He has more for you to see here:

TeriSokoloffGlass - "Imagination Fuels the Fire of Creativity”

Teri Sokoloff creates her imaginative glass works in Sweet Home, Oregon.  This would be the perfect time to add to your ornament collection so you'll be all set for next year.  Even better, add to someone else's collection!  See her other work here:

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

IlluminatedPerfume - Botanical Perfume, Organic, Sustainable and Natural

Roxana creates her wonderful scents in Los Angeles, California.  I wish there was such a thing as "smellavision" so we could sample the wonderful aromas from here!  I am partial to lavender, so I chose this lovely compact, but she has much more for you to see here:  IlluminatedPerfume

MrLentz - Men's Leather Wallets handmade in the U.S. by a Cowboy

Mr. Lentz is a cowboy in San Diego, California who creates awesome handmade leather accessories.
This is just one example of his work, I know I will be looking for some quality wallets for family members this year!  I hope you use this link to see more:


fwdisplay - Fine Wood Display

Mike Porter out of Eugene, Oregon, hand crafts these beautiful wood display cabinets.  I have a collection or two I would love to display in one of these cabinets!  A lot of craftsmanship goes into making cabinets like these.  He has an Etsy store and his own website.  Check them both out!
On Etsy: fwdisplay

His own:

PotteryBySaleek - Beautiful Handmade Functional Pottery

Sallie Troutman creates a wide variety of beautiful and functional ceramic items in Cape Coral, Florida.  She is one of the ceramic artists I have often admired on  I love this beautiful fish platter.

Monday, December 26, 2016

calabasascandyco - Calabasas Candy Company

Cheri whips up these delicious lavender wonders in Calabasas, California!  They make me hungry just looking at them.  I am partial to lavender and marshmellows, but she has much more than this for you to try!

NothinglikeLeather - Handmade leather goods for the whole family

Letty Cortelyou, hand crafts her find leather pieces in Lakeland, Florida.  I really like this one!


Gardenmis - Organic Lavender Sachets - Unique Gift Ideas for Women

Priscilla creates out of Cincinnati, Ohio.  We both make unique lavender sachets, but I don't mind a little competition!  Everyone needs at least a few lavender sachets, so the more, the merrier.  I chose these ones to show you because I love feathers.  But she has many more others to show you:

PulpArt - Plantable paper, pressed flower art, seed bombs

Martha hand makes her wonders in Saratoga Springs, New York.  Some of her handmade paper products come with a surprise in them!

decembermoondesign - Belt Buckles Cuff Bracelets & Other Unique Accessories

Doreen works out of East Northport, New York.  I wonder how she is able to put these incredible scenes onto her belt buckles?  Go see if she describes her process:

EveryBearJewel - Gold,silver,diamond and precious-stones fine jewelry.

Setsuko Sanagawa designs and creates her fine jewelry in Toronto, Canada.  I have often admired her work, such as this lovely ring.  She has many more for you to choose from:

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Liz Crain Ceramics - Specializing In Trompe-l'œil

Liz Crain is a well-known ceramic artist in Capitola, California who is currently specializing in trompe-l'œil with her incredible replicas of antique beer cans, spice tins, and most recently, antique cans of food such as “pork brains.” She also makes faces which are certainly not perfect and beautiful as defined by societies and magazine covers.  They are more real somehow because they are not the well balanced and proportioned faces we are taught to recognize as handsome.  She gives them expression, thought, and emotion when she forms the faces by not seeking to make them perfect human replicas.
I have the pleasure of knowing Liz Crain, Merry Christmas Liz! 
And since I could not choose between these two examples of her work, I decided I must include them both.  One reminds me of one of my favorite music albums and one reminds me of one of my favorite subjects.

ProchaskaGallery - Hand Blown Glass and Crystal

Kevin Prochaska hand blows and forms these wonders in Valley Center, California.  This is one of my favorites of his, but don't take my word for it, go see which one you like the best.


jasontennant - JASON TENNANT wildlife art , nature art, wood sculpture

Jason Tennant sculpts his wonders out of wood in Rochester, New York.  What can I say!?  His work is stunning.  Please take the time to look at his store, share the links, tell a friend.  People who make a living creating works of art like this need our support!


Pulpa - Pulpa Paper Products

Erin Hartline hand makes her paper in Galena, Ohio.  I love the color on this particular batch!  Take a peak at what else she makes:

JewelryDesignsByKara - Handcrafted jewelry with many styles, and techniques.

Kara designs her jewelry in Aurora, Colorado.  I especially enjoy the use of stones in her work.  These are beautiful.

Friday, December 23, 2016

stephaniekiker - Home Decor, Kitchen Accessories and Gifts

Stephanie Kiker designs her works in Buxton, North Carolina.  Like many of the artists and artisans I have been listing here since I began this website on Thanks-giving 2016, I have been admiring her work for years.  I hope you visit her on Etsy or her website to see what she has created!


emmalocketshop - Watches & Jewelry, Engraved Personalized Gifts

Emma works out of San Francisco, California.  There is something special about lockets.  Like hidden messages in bottles.  She has a stunning variety of them to show you.

EarthlyCreature - Nature inspired jewelry and small sculpture.

Cindy Cantelon in Half Moon Bay, Canada has been creating nature inspired jewelry and small metal scupltures for at least 16 years or more now.  I have been admiring her work for years.


turtleteasers - High-quality Hand Cut Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

Ron Moore of Dallas, Texas has perfected an amazing skill at making OOAK jigsaw puzzles.  And I love jigsaw puzzles!  His arrive in a wooden box with a sliding lid.  Take a peek at all of the others, either in his Etsy store or his own website.


JonathanDayBookArt - Books made by a dedicated craftsman

Jonathan Day in Alpine, Oregon hand crafts his beautiful books with care and skill.  Although many are a combination of wood and leather, I will be listing his works under the leather heading.  Any one of his pieces would make a treasured gift.

XocolatlChocolate - Every Order Always Custom Made :)

Esther Aguirre whips up her delicious creations in Hudson River Valley, New York.  Aren't these beautiful and tempting?  Did you know lavender is edible and lends an incredible flavor to dishes and beverages both sweet and savory?  I hope you try one of these.


Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Poff works in metals out in Westerville, Ohio.  I have a fondness for art which illustrates motion and this piece is wonderful.  Please see his others here:


ShopWitty - A handmade-paper-goods shop. Yes, we make our paper.

Lynet Witty of North Houston, Texas really does make her handmade paper!  I try to make sure the artists and artisans I feature are indeed involved in their craft or art.  There is something special about using paper or other handmade items.  A mindfullness that someone made what you are holding and using.  I hope you visit her store.


QueenBeePottery - Berry Bowls Yarn Bowls Toad Abodes Pottery Home Decor Housewares

Karrita in Coconut Creek, Florida fashions ceramic clay into a wide variety of items for your home and garden.  I love the bee she designed for this bowl.


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

PronghornIronworks - Pronghorn IronWorks

Christopher Trautmann fashions his iron pieces in Billings, Montana.  He has his own website as well as an Etsy store.  Having one of these on hand is always a good idea, as well as a good hammer.

Baba Joon's Chocolate Chewies - Gluten Free. Dairy Free. Preservative Free.

Baba Joon whips up these culinary delights in San Jose, California.  Today, Baba Joon’s Chocolate Chewies are available in over 20 different flavors. Dubbed as “little chocolate miracles” they are just that - a sweet and happy delight that will brighten anyone’s day - just like Baba Joon does.
And I can attest to personally enjoying them very much!  I am a Celiac and have to be very careful what I eat.  You will find him listed on the Culinary Arts Page above.

ahbelts - American Handcrafted Belts Plus

Morris Williams of Eldon, Missouri works in fine leather.  I love this belt!  He doesn't just make belts though, check it out!

ATwistOfWhimsy - handcrafted metal and beaded jewelry

Gayle hand fashions her jewelry designs, in Franklin, Tennessee.
Often with a bit of a message.  Like this one!

AmericanPie - Eclectic handmade goods for discriminating travelers

Linda in Los Angeles, California creates these.  Isn't it beautiful?  Why have something a million other people do when you can have something OOAK?  OOAK is short for One Of A Kind.  Use it when searching and you will find all kinds of beautiful items.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

glassartelements - OOAK glass artworks that are fused, painted & slumped

Madeline Smith creates these fascinating works of art with glass in Dana Point, California.  Glass is one of those arts I love, but am not going to be attempting myself.  Check out her store!