Wednesday, November 30, 2016

SpiderwoodHollow - Handmade spiders webs wire art

Ellen Lyons Nagel creates her wonders of the arachnid world in Battleground, Washington.  I chose one of her delicate webs as an example, but there is so much more in her store to see:


EvansCustomPens - Beautiful handmade wooden bowls, pens & other creations

Greg Evans of Lexington, South Carolina hand crafts these beautiful pens!  Any one of which would be much appreciated by someone in your family, if not yourself.  He makes more than pens though, so go take a look.

TafSchaeferDesign - Handmade jewelry and accessories inspired by nature.

Taf Schaefer in Exeter, New Hampshire has created some really cool belt buckles and other beautiful pieces handmade with metals.  Look and see which belt buckle you like the most!

AcrossLeather - Leather dog collars, leashes, belts and beyond

Lawrence Carter of New Castle, Delaware makes sturdy and useful creations with hand tooled leather.  Often in beautiful colors.  Don't stop at this one example, he has more!

Monday, November 28, 2016

KentuckyLiveEdge - Live Edge Furniture & Design

Kentucky Live Edge showcases pieces hand crafted by Drew Gahafer in Lexington, Kentucky.  Each piece shows his love of wood and design.  I especially love the pieces which keep some of the original bark of the tree. Take a peek at:


twoenchantedsisters - Two Enchanted Sisters

Denise Weaver Ross & Deb Weaver are two enchanted sisters designing their creations out of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  They work in an explosion of colors!  It was hard to decide which piece to show you here.  Go see some more!

BluesLadyCreatons - bags,totes,paper,cards,stationery,and artwork.

This little store caught my attention because of her handmade paper.  But then I noticed her cool tote bags and really fell in love with the one with a bit of handmade paper stuck in the pocket.  Gerisue Heathman is in Anatone, Washington and I hope you pay her store a visit:

Sunday, November 27, 2016

SallyManke - Art Quilts, Fiber Art, Quilts for Sale

Eventually, I will slow down to just one or two posts a day.  But for now, my goal is to add as many artists and artisans as I can before the end of this year.
Now, this is an artisan after my own heart.  I LOVE quilts!  I have been quilting all of my life and I have always slept under the quilts I have made.  To me, it is as special as eating out of a bowl made by someone you care about.
I used to dream of having my own fabric store to feed my yardage and embroidery floss addition...  at least I know I am not alone in this.  You know who you all are!

Sally Manke fashions her quilts and other fiber arts in Arcadia, Michigan.  Brrr, it gets cold there!  They need quilts and walling hangings!
The one I chose to show you here is a real stunner.  Please visit her store to see more:

Claybykim - Fairy Doors... Dragons...Mermaids and more...

Claybykim falls into the "other" category, as Kim Detmers uses polymer clay to form her creations.  Before I was able to get back into ceramics, I began to dabble in polymer clay just to be able to finally do something which involved forming a clay into shapes.
And let me tell you, this is not as easy as you might think!  Especially the incredible detail.  Even though these forms cannot be used the way a ceramic piece can, you can do things in polymer clay you can't do as well in ceramic clay.  Just the color palette alone is almost like painting.  Because it is so easy to blend your own specific colors.  "Apples and oranges" as they say.  Two fruits that are not at all alike and both wonderful.
This little fairy door is just the tip of the iceberg and I hope you spend some time looking around in Kim's store.


Elaine Pinkernell - Ceramic Artist - Slab built stoneware and raku wall pieces

You should consider taking a workshop with Elaine Pinkernell, because you are going to have a blast even if you have never worked with clay before.  She will blow your mind when it comes to creative forms and surface decoration.  Three of my favorite pieces are ones I built in slab forms in one of her workshops in Corralitos, California.  Elaine Pinkernell is located nearby in Watsonville, California, but I believe she can often be found at Higher Fire over in the south SF Bay Area.  There is a link to it on her website.  As well as links so some other terrific ceramic artists.
Check it out!!

AmeliaBathandBody - Emphasizing Healthy Skin and Quality Skin Care

This is one of those "other" categories.  If there was room for another page up under the header, I would have one for "All Things Lavender."
Janet Amelia of St. Simons Island, Georgia creates wonderful handmade soaps which I am certain smell heavenly.  She has been one of those who reciprocated by helping me promote my store and I am hoping to return the favor here.  For a wonderful selection of handcrafted soaps and other skin care items, please visit her store here:

Saturday, November 26, 2016

LindaHenryArt - Linda Henry Art - Original Watercolors - Prints - Cards

Although it seems as though I have focused on female artists so far, that is probably because they tend to be more pro-active in working to have their stores noticed and therefore I see them more often when I am working to promote mine.  These ladies work!
It is my goal though, to fill up the page headers with the ten categories as evenly as I can over time.
For now, it is more important to add as many people as I can, as fast as I can. And the ones I already know of, are the easiest to add first.

That said, let me introduce Linda Henry of Linda Henry Art out of Sedona, Arizona.
Don't take my word (selected piece) for it, visit her store and see for yourself.  You will love it all.

WhiteDragonPaper - White Dragon Paper handmade paper and journals.

Okay, although I am not going to be listing artisans who sell art supplies, this is one exception.  Handmade paper is a work of art in itself and one I hope to be attempting soon myself.  And I have often looked for sources of handmade paper.  It used to be hard to find, and now I am very glad to see that one of the first sources I was able to find, is still creating his handmade paper!  R Lawton creates his paper and journals in Columbus, Ohio.  It was not easy to decide which paper to use as an example of his work, but I hope you will go see for yourself as well:

SunberryCreations - Original Watercolor Paintings, Cards, Jewelry and more.

Isn't the character below just delightful?  Sheryl Goldsberry has dreamed up all kinds of delights from her studio in Renton, Washington.  And she is another one of those who have worked hard at helping to promote her fellow artists and artisans.  I hope you visit her store:

jacquiesummer - ♥ Welcome to my Stained Glass Shop! ♥

Stained glass is one of those skills which admire and am happy to leave to those who have learned this art.  Jacquie Summer is one of those and she creates her pieces in Chicago, Illinois.  You can see I chose with my heart, one of her boxes.  I love boxes!


One of my most treasured possessions is a hand crafted very old knife with a deer antler handle.  Since knives are a tool we all use every day, why not use ones of quality like these made by Eric Hayes of Mapleton, Oregon?  Aren't these knives beautiful?

WildAtHeartWood - One of a Kind Artisan Crafted Tables, Boxes & More

Wow, Wild At Heart Wood!  Look at that box!
I confess, and I hope Laurens Cotton of Birmingham, Alabama won't me going on about myself for a moment, but I have been wanting to learn to work with wood with the specific intent of making boxes, ever since I was a little girl.  My father was a master craftsman with a woodshop any wood artisan would have been honored to work in.  It was my dream to be able to learn from him some day, but an illness took him away far too soon.
But this fall, I was finally able to begin learning via another master craftsman, Patrick Stafford of Cabrillo College in Aptos, California.  And I was finally able to make my first box out of mahogany.  And let me tell you, it is no easy task.
The box below is a work of art!  Please visit this artisans store:

Bound By Hand - Leather Bound Books - BBH Journals

Working with leather has always been something I have wanted to do.  I did even make a bound by leather book for the children of a nephew and wrote a story with photos to go inside.  But Stephanie Tomlinson of Santa Cruz, California does it much better than I did.  In her books though,  you get to write your own story.

ClearLightStudios - Original Southwest Landscape Paintings ✮ Fine Art Oils

Clear Light Studios showcases the art of Km Withers out of Torrey, Utah.  I am not a professional or talented art critique.  I just know what speaks to me and inspires me, and the art of Km Withers touches my soul in an expansive way.  In my dreams, some day I get to paint large, and she inspires me.  A few artists and artisans will have more than one website.  Here is one of hers and you will find both under the headings above called "Canvas."

MountainDolls - Fiber Art, Embroidery Art, OOAK Dolls, Mug Rugs

The faces on these dolls are so expressive.  As an artist, I hope to be able to create expressive faces in a variety of media.  Janice Parrot creates her dolls and ornaments in Albany, New York.  You will be able to find another link to her store above, under the heading Fiber Arts.

Friday, November 25, 2016

LauraHarmonPottery - Handmade Pottery

When I was first relearning ceramics, I started out hand-building and realized right away that this was one way I could make my beloved boxes.  I just love boxes!  And then I saw Laura Harmon's boxes and was truly inspired.  I have since made a few boxes myself, but none as well as the ones she makes.  Laura Harmon creates these gems in Shelton, Washington.

LittleMissHattitude - Mini top hats and accessories made with attitude!

Are you going to fall in love with these wonderful little hats like I did?  I hope so!  Angie dreams up and creates these little gems in Montreal, Canada.
Go see more here:

KapKaDesign - Modern Bohemian Personalized Jewelry

Eva Miller is located in Kelowna, Canada and has a number of stores on Etsy.  She also is a team leader for several teams.  Teams on Etsy are a vital means by which we all are able to support and encourage each other.  Please take a moment and visit her store, you might find just what you have been looking for.

Another one of her stores is called YourZenZone, a store I have been happy to promote even though she handcrafts the same item I do, lavender wands.  Because not enough people know about lavender wands, so they are not searching for them.  This is why I am happy to promote anyone who makes them as well as she and I do.  Buy all of her wands so she runs out and then you will have to buy mine!


Cindy creates her jewelry pieces in Fairbanks, Alaska and often uses handcrafted lampwork beads made by Desertbugdesigns in Calument, Michigan.  She has been a champion of support for many artisans on and now on Polyvore.  I know my Etsy store has often benefited from her promotional efforts.

And that is what I loved the most about Etsy when it was smaller, we were all working together to help each other be found and noticed.  Now I hope to reciprocate by creating this website with links to artisans and their websites.  Please take a moment and visit Cindy's store.  She can also be found on page above under the title of Jewelry.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Small Impressions

This is my first post to highlight a feature artist.  I hope to be doing a post about each artisan I add to the pages you see listed across the screen under the banner.  This one is listed under "Canvas"
This artist is a constant inspiration to me to get back to the point where I can paint again as well.  Her colors are so vibrant and her subject matter is so varied.  Her name is Nancy Merkle and she is located in Tacoma, Washington.  Here is one of my most recent favorites, I hope the link shows the piece. If not, then I will see if I can post it another way.

Landscape Painting Mountain Field


Artisans Of America - What will this website be?

My hope is to create an informational source of artists and craftspeople in the Americas, who have their own websites or have a presence on the internet via other websites.  But who have been buried under the overwhelming amount of other items being sold via the same sources.  For now, I will be focusing on artists located in the North American continent.

My hope is to create a resource for small shops and galleries who once visited those other sources to purchase items to stock their inventories.

So there will be no links to vintage, supply sources, manufactured items, mass produced items, instant download items, services, etc.  here.  I was going to say there would also be no links to handmade jewelry here either, as there is such an abundance of it that to attempt to do so would be overwhelming, but there are a few people who have been very beneficial in assisting me when it came to gaining traffic to my main internet stores, and I would like to include them.  So there will be a small category for handcrafted jewelry.

This is going to be a learning process for me.  I used to know how to build a website and I need to relearn this skill.  I know how to write a blog, but I don't want this to look like a blog.  There will be searchable categories for various kinds of artists and artisans.

As I add each new link to someones website or internet store, I will attempt to write a bit about them.  It would be nice to give each link it's own page.  But I am not yet sure that is possible.

Last, but not least, I know that since my goal is to put my art and my creations such as lavender wands, into small stores, I offer reduced pricing for those who purchase in quantities.  And I am hoping others will be willing to consider doing the same.  After all, if you take your item to a store and ask them to display it on consignment, they usually get 60% of the sale price.  If and when it sells.  So if your website offers, for example, a 50% reduction in price for bulk purchases, we could attract the small stores and galleries I am hoping for and we would not need to wait until some one item sold in order to profit and move on to creating more!

Today is Thanks-giving 2016, I hope we all have something to be thank-full for!  Catherine