Yes, this page will be all about me and what I create/write/grow, etc.  I hope you will help me as I am determined to help us all.  I am a firm believer that the best way for me to improve my circumstances is by improving the circumstances of those around me.

So I hope you will visit my Etsy store:

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What will someday be my primary website:

Visiting any or all of these will improve their visibility to search engines.  Thanks!

This is what I do every summer as fast as I can until the lavender I grow gets too brittle to work with:

And this is what I wish I was doing right now.  Drawing or painting.

I sell my lavender wands and lavender stuffed sock dolls at wholesale prices when ever someone purchases 10 or more at a time so that small brick and mortar stores can easily purchase in quantities for their shelves.  Here are a few links to the wholesale ads for lavender wands and lavender sock dolls.

And last, but certainly not least, I LOVE ceramics.  With ceramics I can combine all the elements of art I love so much.  In my dreams, I give up every thing else to do ceramics.  I began molding things out of mud when I was very little. I would let them dry in the sun and then paint them.  Here is my little beginning ceramicist art studio:

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