Ceramic artists.


Laura Souder is a ceramicist in Manifee, California.  Raku creates some awesome colors!  Learn more about her and see more of her pieces by visiting her store:  LauraSouderStudio


Kazem Arshi is a ceramicist in Anaheim Hills, California.  He has some beautiful glaze combinations on the forms he designs.  To learn more about him and his process, use this link to his Etsy store:


Lisa Eldredge is a ceramicist in Ashland, Oregon.  As a coffee and tea drinker myself, I think one of these needs to be in every coffee and tea lovers home.  To see more, I hope you use this link to her store:  EldredgeCeramics


Jonathan Sawyer is a ceramicist in San Diego, California.  There is something special about eating out of handmade vessels.  You feel a connection with the artist in a way you wouldn't with most other art forms.  I hope you use this link to visit his Etsy store:  SawyerCeramics
Or use this link to visit his website:  sawyerceramics.com


Kelsey Jo Flatoff is a ceramicist in Spokane, Washington.  Many of her pieces are designed for everyday use in your home, like these beautiful bowls.  I hope you use this link to her Etsy store to see more:  KJPottery
Or use this link to her website:  kjpottery.com/


John Beasley designs and creates his stunning ceramics in Cincinnati, Ohio.  This one has a story and is just one of many I hope you take a moment to see by either using this link to his Etsy store:  MedicineBluffStudio
Or by visiting his website with this link:  medicinebluffstudio.com


Stephanie Pierson-Hutson has created a delightful slew of ceramic characters for you in Fishers, Indiana.  Why did she name her store "Pond Scum Ceramics"?  Use this link to read all about her and see the other items she has made for you:  PondScumCeramics


Kara Lovell forms her ceramics in Terre Haute, Indiana.  I love the form of this vessel and the geometric surface decoration.  I hope this piece inspires you to visit her Etsy store by using this link:  KaraLovellCeramics
Or to visit her website with this link:  karalovellceramics.com


Mary Dixon makes her ceramic pieces in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  It was hard to decide which one to feature here!  I hope you use this link to see her other pieces:  maryDtiles
Or use this link to visit her website:  popogirl.com

_____________________________________ Susanna B. Chilnick has a way with surface design in Salem, Massachusetts.  And it takes a great deal of talent to throw beautiful bowls, especially ones that fit together like this set does.  You should see all the other designs by using this link to her Etsy store:  TheTikiQueen
Or by using this link to her website:  thetikiqueen.com

_____________________________________ Patricia Bridges works with ceramic clay in Port Washington, New York.  Isn't the rim of this bowl fabulous?  You can use this link to her Etsy store to see more:  bridgespottery  Or go to her website by using this link:  bridgespottery.com

_____________________________________ Jeanette Dubela works with ceramic clay in Stratham, New Hampshire.  Wouldn't a beautiful leaf like this be perfect for your doorbell?  You can visit her Etsy store to learn more about her by using this link:  stoneleaftile
Or use this link to her website:  stoneleaftile.net

Rebecca Lowery creates awesome one of kind ceramic pieces like this one in Bloomington, Indiana.  As well as many other pieces you should see.  You can visit her at her Etsy store by using this link:
Or visit her website by using this link: rebeccalowery.com

Natalie is a ceramic artist in North Canton, Ohio.  I enjoy her use of real leaves to create surface texture on her pieces.  Like a photo that will never fade, or the imprint one sees in fossils.  A lasting record of a real leaf.  These are actually magnets!  She also has lovely ceramic garden tags, as well as many other items.  Please use this link to see moreNSPottery

Deborah Gordon hand makes her pottery in Boynton Beach, Florida.  I love all of the fabulous textures she has worked into the surfaces of her pieces. You can use this link here to see what a wide range of items she has made: dgordon

Deborah Hager puts her imagination onto clay in Divide, Colorado.  I enjoy surface decoration and admire many of her pieces, like this awesome cup.  You will see much more here:

Rosella Manzini throws her ceramics in San Jose, California.  I love her candle holders or luminaries!  And I am certain her assistant Cesare, much like similar (wink, wink) ceramic studio assistants, is vital to the process.  To see all of the more colorful pieces she has created for you, please visit:

Cesare is a tabby ;)

Dwo Wen Chen has a ceramic studio in Providence, Rhode Island where he creates and decorates these delightful pieces of functional art.  I hope you make his new year special by paying him a visit:

Marietta is a talented ceramicist carrying on a family tradition in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  She has written about herself and her process for her store on Etsy.  I have tried to make yarn bowls like this one as my inspiration and mine didn't look anywhere near as beautiful.  It is not easy to cut and form that loop along the edge while the clay is still soft enough to allow it. 
She has a great variety of wheel thrown ceramics for you to choose from here: blueroompottery

Or here:  blueroompottery.com/

Sallie Troutman creates a wide variety of beautiful and functional ceramic items in Cape Coral, Florida.  She is one of the ceramic artists I have often admired on Etsy.com.  I love this beautiful fish platter.

Liz Crain is a well-known ceramic artist in Capitola, California who is currently specializing in trompe-l'œil with her incredible replicas of antique beer cans, spice tins, and most recently, antique cans of food such as “pork brains.”


The first one I posted here was Laura Harmon of Shelton, Washington.  I love the beautiful little boxes she makes and hope to make some as nice as hers someday.


The second entry is Elaine Pinkernell of Watsonville, California.  I was treated to one of her slab form workshops nearby in Corralitos, California and three of my favorite pieces came from that experience.  She does things with clay in forms and textures I never would have thought of!  Check out her cool website:

I have the pleasure of knowing Gail Ritchie of Cabrillo College and hope to take one of her classes in surface design someday.  For now, I hope this awesome porcelain chair will entice you to visit her website!

marsh chair  23”h x 10”w x 9”d

Deb Babcock works out of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  Wouldn't you love to serve a hot beverage out of a delightful set like this one?

Jamie E. Hatch creates his fine works of art in Denver, Colorado.  Isn't this a beautiful and earthy teapot?  Please visit his store to see more.

Karrita in Coconut Creek, Florida fashions ceramic clay into a wide variety of items for your home and garden.  I love the bee she designed for this bowl.


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